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Best Local Cuisine in Milan

Discover the top Milan local cuisine


Due to its intense history and its location on the border, Lombardy has one of the most varied cuisines in Italy. Traditional Milanese recipes are usually quite heavy, probably because of its extreme weather and the influence that the French and the Austrians have had on the region. Pasta is obviously at the centre of Lombard gastronomy, but so is pork, veal, dairy, rice and corn. With their local produce, Milanese prepare deliciously decadent dishes that you can find at many of the city's restaurants.

Dessert made with stewed chestnuts, sweet wine and cream


Typical Christmas pudding made with grapes and apples


Stuffed pasta, typical from Bergamo


Hearty winter casserole made with pork and cabbage


Crispy and golden breaded veal cutlet

Cotoletta alla Milanese

Salad made with with beef or pork leftovers

Insalata di Nervetti

Hearty vegetable soup


Traditional Milanese pork meatballs


Milanese speciality made with veal shanks


Christmas sweet loaf bread


Boiled cornmeal eaten as porridge, baked, fried or grilled


Creamy rice dish with saffron and cheese

Risotto alla Milanese

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