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Traditional Milanese pork meatballs

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The recipe for these meatballs was brought by the Spanish to Milan during their dominance over the region from 1535 to 1706. Thus, both their name and the way they are made derive from the Spanish 'albóndigas'.

Mondeghili are usually prepared with pork meat mixed with sausage meat, mortadella, stale bread soaked in milk, parsley, cheese (usually Grana Padano), garlic, eggs, salt and pepper. They are then rolled into ball shapes, covered in bread crumbs and fried in butter. They can be then smothered in tomato or wine sauce, but are traditionally eaten alone.

They were commonly prepared by peasants with leftover meat and bread. Nowadays they are usually served in restaurants as a starter or as a main dish with vegetables and potatoes.


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